Android-x86 'no hard-drive detected'

I really need to get this to work. Did something change about qubes where the hacks are no longer relevant?

I tried the hacks listed here, by both unman and qubesnewb: Android runs fine in qubes, no mouse issue, But - #18 by HashBrown

Users say it works. Also user says it works here: Can Anyone Help With Android Install Issue - #16 by airelemental

But I’ve gone through the process 3 times and continues to say hard-drive not detected?

I can only assume that something changed about qubes, or I really messed something up. Not sure how to troubleshoot this. Please kindly help.

Thank you.

I assume you are using 4.0
The hacks work as advertised: they are the same.
So you have probably messed something up.
I suggest you restore the original stubdom0-linux-rootfs from your
I do not suggest repeating the process over and over.

Make sure you understand what it is you are trying to do.
Then take it slowly, checking at each stage.
If you see any error messages, note them down and report them here.

yup 4.0.4.

Yes I likely messed something up.

I’m doing the process on fresh install to get it correct before I do it on my daily.

Is this process correct as documented here?: notes/ at master · unman/notes · GitHub

My mind flees, maybe I skipped it and went right to the other users method. But if you tell me that process definitely works, I’ll try it again and report back.

Thank you.