Android-x86 installation failed

Hello ( i am noob), I followed this guide and I’m stuck

step 2, I fail to increase initial memory, when initial memory exceeds 1024MB. VM crash “not enough memory to start domain”. if I run with 1024 MB, I get stuck on the Android installation step after Pick the “VirtWifi”

How much RAM do you have in your computer?
You can shutdown all qubes except for your android qube and it’s networking qubes to free up the memory for android qube.
You can try to use Waydroid instead:

I don’t know, but with dom0, sys-net, sys-firewal run if i use the following command ‘xl info’ give for memory_total 6058. The Qubes android should be able to run.
The guide is complex but go.

You can check the total RAM using this command in dom0 terminal:

sudo dmidecode --type 19

Check the Range Size value.
8 GB total RAM should be enough to run dom0 + sys-net + sys-firewall + android HVM with 2 GB ram.

My Android_x86 works just fine. Installed and operates perfectly.
I give it 1 GB of RAM and no issue.

What version are you using?

Would you like to get a copy of mine?

They all work, all the ones that I have.

Even run them sometimes with 512 MB RAM if it’s just testing a small application or doing server monitoring. But that also all depends if you need GAPPS or not as to which ISO you would want for installatioion.

I have 8GB RAM

I use android-x86_64-9.0-r2.iso

yes for the copy

I want run a small application

in fact the problem was that Dom0 with 4096 Mb, Sys-firewall 1024, My-app-qube 1024 MB and Sys-net 300 MB, I could not assign more than 1024 MB to my Android-qube so the configuration did not happen to do this. I limited the size of the VM memories so I was able to increase that of my android-qube and successfully configure it.
thank you