Android users: Firefox survey test?

Hi folks!

Qubes’ instance of LimeSurvey was recently updated… and we are hoping the update fixed the Android issue flagged in the purple text on the first page.

I wanted to ask folks with Android phones and Firefox, to please try testing the survey out, now, to see if it fails for you? I cannot remember exactly how the bug was triggered—only that users spent a lot of time on surveys, and were then rejected when hitting “Submit.”

If folks want to learn about things from new, prospective, former, or existing users that I do not ask about in this survey, please also let me know that, too—thanks!! :slight_smile:


Hi all… I’m an iPhone user, so do need Android folks to give 'er a spin. Even just a few, would help me a great deal. Just bang through the survey and try to submit it—and let me know what happens?

(also, please do not hold it against me that I’m an iPhone user. It’s complicated.)

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Worked fine on Android and Windows with Firefox for me

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