Android on x86_64

Trying to launch one of the available Android-x86 derivatives as a Qube but am unable to launch it successfully. Have tried this with Android-x86 and BlissOS so far. It seems to be launching but the X Window process doesn’t seem to launch and the log shows there is a login prompt but there is no window to enter the login credentials. Would like to see some support in Qubes for Android based OSes like ChromiumOS and Fuchsia.

This other user and I had same issue. See here: Can Anyone Help With Android Install Issue - #12 by icequbes1

There is a hack with 4.0.4. And supposedly r4.1 doesn’t need the hack.

How’s the stability of R4.1 right now? It’s in beta currently. Are there any major bugs which affect usability?

Good question. I couldn’t even get it installed on recommended hardware last day, so I would say still in beta and possibly not 100% stable :laughing:

What went wrong with the install?

Eyeballing the in-place upgrade and really don’t want to brick my system.

Not exactly sure. But last thing I can see on the screen before it reboots is “Timeout trying to start Xorg” then “X startup failed aborting installation”.

That sounds like the X Window System process