Android Development


I am trying to prepare a Qube for Android development using Android Studio. So far I

have run into a few issues. It was installed simply via a Snap but when I try to launch

the AVD (Android Virtual Device) program, it gives an error saying:

“Your CPU does not support required features VT-x or SVM” except I know for a

fact the CPU has VT-x because it is one of the requirements of installing Qubes (and because I checked otherwise)

So the virtualization support is not recognized by the AVD for some reason. I was

thinking it had something to do with the difference between a PVH and a HVM

based Qube; but then I switched from PVH to HVM and there was no change in the error.

Just looking to have Android studio recognize the hardware virtualization capabilities of the CPU within the Qube.

Thank you !

Hi @librelifer!

I don’t have much to contribute, but I know there have been past conversations about this. Have you checked out on the qubes-users mailing list archives yet?