And thats it i'm done... just for your information

We will have great,secure computers and AMD, Intel, Qualcomm ARM all joined in. Yeah.

i love the Chip-to-Cloud Security idea <3

Just to let you know.

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Hmm, may have potential, but also sounds like another Intel ME / AMD PSP… Since it debuted in Xbox, it sounds like one of the main purposes is to protect DRM keys. So while it may lead to better security, it will also lead to more closed systems and less user control.

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Sounds terrible.

“Our vision for the future of Windows PCs is security at the very core, built into the CPU…"

“Microsoft has developed this security processor. We’re partnering with Intel to actually stick it into their CPUs…”

“The Pluton processor is not bolted on. It’s right in there, and you get security as well because there’s very little attack surface around the processor.”

“You’re getting better protection against physical attacks, you’re getting Microsoft verification of firmware to stop some of the new firmware attacks, and we’re going to update this thing every month just like it’s Patch Tuesday.”

He added that Microsoft is collaborating on authoring the hardware and firmware.

“This makes it deadly simple. It’s my team that builds Windows BitLocker and Windows Hello and all the great technologies that take advantage of this security processor are also now we’re working with Intel to build it.”

Is there no escaping these people?

“Windows has always been about security; this won’t change as we look to the future.”



As far as i understood it will be a mixture of the intel me/amd psp and the TPM. Sitting inside the cpu with a direct connection to mircrosoft azure cloud. OF COURSE only for firmware updates…

From a german onlinemagazin:
“When asked by heise online, Microsoft confirms that Pluton does not prevent or interfere with the installation of other operating systems.”

hm… i think … it can’t prevent or interfere with … would sound much better.

Maybe power9 ?

Sounds like a nice project.

Xen is available for ARM but not for Power9… It is possible to port Qubes for ARM but I’m not sure about performance and also I guess the Qubes team has limited resources and need to focus on the largest population, which is x86 for the foreseeable future. I personally would love to try Qubes on Power but do not believe it will ever happen. Power is for niches like large in memory DBs, AI, HPC and not desktop use, although you can use it as your personal computer.

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This looks very much looks yet another black box with a “just trust us” guarantee.

Not to mention, this is coming from the company who’s founder presently wants to biometrically chip every human on the planet and make it mandatory among many other scary ideas.

This other (still growing) potential qubes competitor called “Spectrum OS” is planning on supporting power9. See a discussion here:

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There aren’t any listed .iso for ARM cpus atm. And as for performance issues, you could setup a cluster of boards.