An interesting cpu spike how best should i adress this and look into it?

ok so my situation isn’t as stright forward as it sounds ,it’s like this
for the night i’ve left my laptop on with a few vm’s running doing fairly simple things
copying files from 1 drive uploading a few files to a cloud and so on

a few also smaller more “complex”/might be the cause of issues tasks but i don’t think its probable because they finished sooner
for example 2 vm’s and a network providing one just for them connected via networking which i forgot to shot down
and a windows vm installing some software and on timer to shot down

so i left it over night running

and suddenly i wake up hearing the fans full power cpu out of control a few spikes…
i go to the bathroom for a couple of seconds and it goes awy everything is fine
but i’m not sure what caused the cpu spikes

everything was basically very “laid back”
the windows vm shouldve powered off a long long while before (as it has)

later there was another cpu spike a bit after i woke up with just about everything done

this one had dom0’s cpu usage at 60%

i mean… what’s the best way to address this
i assume check all the logs and…
but for all vm’s it’s a lot of work
when i’m not sure what i’m looking for

should i start with a specific one (i mean other then system’s into which i’ll be looking now)

is there a common issue/s of this nature

what do you think i the cause for few random cpu usage spikes

when everything’s so… mhe…

so far not much usefull information
i did get a cpu 1 spinlock event irq 133
which does not seem related

anyway i guess i’ll just forget about it at the moment if the issue returns i’ll spend the time debugging

anyway if you have a idea about a common cause/something to check plz lmk

To look which VMs are using CPU, you can use xentop. If you also want the history of CPU usage, this may help you: system administration - Is there a monitoring tool like xentop that will track historical data? - Stack Overflow.

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