An element from an AppVM window appears on top of another AppVM window

I was browsing and I got some ads in the browser. My mouse hovered over the image and it got this popup text:

Then I switched (Alt+tab) to another VM and window. And as you can see from this image, an element from the prevoius AppVM appeared over another:

My assumption is that this is a minor and inconsequential bug. But in the 0.01% likelihood that this is something more serious or nefarious, I am sharing it here for the Qubes team to see.

Another manifestation of this bug is that sometimes, I switch (Alt+tab) between VMs only to notice that my keyboard is unable to type in the one that is showing, and my mouse can’t touch the one that is showing. I would need to do Alt+tab twice, to switch away and then back to the AppVM where I want to type, in order to overcome the bug.

Thank you.

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I sometimes have the elements from other AppVMs pop up in the way you show. I figure it’s just a bug or some form of lag. Since it remains with the correct colored window border, you know it’s still from the other VM.

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