AMD RYZEN 9 5950x

Hi, i am running my current Machine on the edges of its ability’s and planning to upgrade to more CPU cores and way more RAM.

I know it is a fresh new, mostly overpriced and scarce when it comes to buying one, though i’d like to ask if we have any info of success or problem story’s with the 5950x CPU. Preliminary searches over the last weeks has yieded no Results so far on this topic.

so long as you use kernel-latest I’d expect it to work fine, or to be supported by the time you’re able to obtain one. Though there appear to be some issues with Xen support, they thus far mostly affect the laptop CPUs, for reasons unknown. That said, a 3900x would probably also do just fine.:stuck_out_tongue:

Have been running 4.1 since then with a rx480 card but now i am wondering about stuff after using a notebook with qubes 4.2 installed on USB/nvme stick.

The Notebook has a Ryzen 7 4800H but is way faster and smoother then the workstation who has even better hardware.

My best guess is that only after installing 4.2 on the workstation i will know more but i fear that the GPU is the problem here but i never had witnessed iGPU performance with Qubes before so that is all news to me.

gpu should be fine, it’s got mainline support via amdgpu. I’d be more worried about the 4800H igpu, so if that works the polaris gpu certainly will.

heh? could you be more specific with what you are trying to say?

Maybe i missed something but this amdgpu stutters to much when handling 3x3k Monitors

Did you test on baremetal fedora? Because in qubes this is very likely to stutter because of implementation reasons.

i feel we talking in circles with your reply gpu should be fine and now you are retracting to due to implementation reasons, hence my question as to what are you trying to tell me since it does not make any sense right now.

Anyways, going to install a distro and see how the gpu handles the three monitors there, after all that thing has aged quiet significantly.

We’re not talking in circles, I’d just assumed you knew more about hardware than you do. My mistake. I mean ‘implementation’ as in qubes doesn’t do hardware acceleration. What that means is that most/all of the rendering is being done by software / CPU rather than GPU. So there is no big advantage of having something faster than a rx 470 to drive those 3 monitors. (And an rx 480 should have no real issues handling 3 monitors unless you’re gaming.)

You are not telling me anything new as it is common knowledge what you are saying, just pointing out that your first reply is still a mystery as to what you are trying to say or contribute.

ok bro

The GPU performance isn’t important, it only draw the windows of applications and does 0 rendering.

Yes thats why i was guestimating that maybe the software renderer having to do the work for 3 x 3k monitors might be why the notebook with its single display FHD seems smoother, no?
The Notebook just feels snapier.
Makes kinda sense since dom0 has to be run as single core and is doing the software rendering that i often can see xentop spiking over 100% on that dom0 core.

you could have more cores to dom0, I’m surprised it only has 1 for you :thinking:

yeah, i couldn’t find a way to increase amount in the GUI, i need to look into that again when i get the time.
Was it maybe via


sudo grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/grub2/grub.cfg

Running normal Linux distro on the Machine now to see how it behaves, already found some odd behaviors that i can research now, Qubes when needed can be run off the notebook for now.