AMD Gigabyte Motherboard upgrade broke my installation

I had a working install of Qubes-R4.0.3-x86_64 on an AMD Gigabyte B450M DS3H AM4 with a Ryzen 3 2200G. The motherboard was a rev 1.0
I upgraded the motherboard to the same model rev 2.0 but now I get an error after start up.
Qube Status: sys-net
Domain sys-net has failed to start: invalid argument: could not find capabilitis for arch=X86_64

I tried reinstalling Qubes on a different hard drive and I was alerted with “Unsupported Hardware Detected” window:
This hardware lacks features required by Qubes OS. Missing features: HAP/SLAT/EPT/RVI.

I went ahead and let it install anyway just to see what would happen. It did install but I’m getting the same error as my original installation listed above.

Anyone have any ideas how I can fix this (short of going back to the older motherboard) ?

Thanks for any help

Upgrade the BIOS to the most recent version, and then see if you can
enable any of these features.

I’d be amazed if they weren’t available - you could check the spec sheet
for that motherboard to confirm this - my guess is that you need to
enable them. Look for “virtualisation” etc in BIOS control.

@bernn, the below install guide describes the required BIOS settings (Hardware requirements section: IOMMU, AMD-Vi, AMD-V, … ). Go to your BIOS settings and check.

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Solved! Thank you for the insight. It was the BIOS setting for “SVM Mode” which was disabled by default.
For those that follow me, the setting was hidden deep in the BIOS menus:
M.I.T → Advanced Frequency Settings → Advanced CPU Settings → SVM Mode

The BIOS itself doesn’t describe what the setting does. I found it by search the motherboard user manual for “virtual”.
Thanks again

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