AMD 6800XT GPU Support

I am not looking to run anything with the 6800XT - rather I have a R290 that does work with qubes; I’d like to disable the 6800XT and run everything with the R290 only.

So what’s the problem? Predictably, the 6800XT is not supported as it is a new card. And my mobo loves to default to the 6800XT over the R290 for some reason - my end result is a system that can boot when the 6800XT is not in the pci slot - and can’t when it is.

I have a few options that I think may work but would love some feedback and recommendations from anybody who may have delt with this before.

My first thought is a software solution that forces Qubes to use a specific PCI slot - my theory being that this may fix the issue.I have no Idea how to do this or if It’s possible - but I figured there must be some way to chose a gpu preference in Qubes.

My second option is to install a new (non Qubes) OS on a spare drive I have and boot with both the cards, after booting I can get a list of PCI buses that are associated with the 6800XT and disable them on Qubes - hopefully fixing the problem.

A third option is installing Radeon Drivers on dom - this is obviously a bad Idea and would likely be a pain to do - compromise security and surprise surprise AMD does not create a driver for Qubes.

If anybody has suggestions or feedback I’d appreciate it.

Are you using grub? If so, try to boot Qubes, by adding rd.qubes.hide_pci=01:00.0 to GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX from the menu (chose the option to edit the boot parameters). If this doesn’t work, try 02:00.0, and so on.

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New kernel 5.11 will support that card at list at kernel level.

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Good to know, This is an update - I have loaded with kernel 5.11.8-1 and the system fails to display.

Have you personally got a 6800xt Working? Could you point me in the right direction?

Unfortunately the card uses 4 pci slots and they are not any any discernible pattern. Ive hidden PCI=04:00.0 which I know for a fact is interacting with the card but am unable to find the other 3 until I load a new linux distro to check.

No sorry Christian, I don’t have the 6800xt :frowning:
Just reporting the speck of the latest 5.11 kernel, which is suppose to work good with your card

Thank you Paulol, I appreciate you helping me out!