Always Change Your IP Number

I’m just saying, having a permanent IP number gives any adversary an indefinite amount of time to discover your vulnerabilities and it also leaves a solid trail on the internet. I find that, with most ISP’s, that if you change your MAC address, their DHCP server will issue you a new IP number! Its a great way to make things much more difficult for them ! Its definitely something to think about. I created a cron job to change mine every day! That way I don’t have to keep logging into my gateway because it is such a pain in the ass because my password is so damn long and confusing! :crazy_face:

NetworkManager can automatically change Mac address upon connection too. See
It may also be useful to randomize the hostname as described in the above document. I use a random name generator to appear more authentic.

it the local ip add, it not visible from the internet

is your router, not isp

it better to have that on every boot if you want