Alternative Terminal in dom0

Hey everyone!

I wanted to ask if it is possible to change the default terminal and shell in dom0. I know it’s better to not install too many programs in dom0, but I really don’t like using the default shell and terminal application.

Thanks for your help!

Yes, if you trust the alternative terminal enough to run it in dom0, you can do it: How to install software in dom0 | Qubes OS. Dom0 runs Fedora, so it should be similar to doing it in a normal Fedora.


qubes-dom0-update [your favorite terminal package here]

Does this…

qubes-dom0-update [your favorite terminal package here]

Have zsh??

I mean is (zsh) available officially from a certified qubes repo?

You know… tested,tried and true

It’s available in the fedora repos but as far as I know nobody from qubes has audited it so far (and they probably won’t). As for third-party-audits you’ll have to look it up. You can definitely install it in dom0 but if there is malicious code somewhere it might get exploited. Just know that it increases attack surface - that’s a bad thing - but if you want to install it the increased attack surface isn’t that big of a deal as long as you aren’t wanted by some three-letter-agency (but then you’d probably be toast anyway).

Thanks…no I only want Qubes certified installed in dom0 so I won’t be installing it then. As you said “don’t want to increase the surface”…

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