Alt+tab shortcut in standalone VM

Hi there,

I installed a kali standalone VM in my qubes. As of now, when I press ALT+TAB on my keyboard I can move between the different VM running on qubes.
I would like to know if it was possible for my standalone to use ALT+TAB meanwhile staying on my kali VM.
Basically I would like to navigate to all the different apps open inside my kali rather than navigating between the running VM/apps of my qubes.

Thank you in advance

Edit the Window Manager Keyboard shortcut in your Kali qube to use
Ctrl+Alt+Tab/Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Tab to cycle windows.
You cant use Alt+Tab as that is captured by dom0.
Unless you want to change the keyboard mapping in dom0, but that will be
far less efficient.

Thank you very much you are a savior :wink: