Alpine Linux in Dom0

One year or two years ago I hear that was one idea about change Fedora in Dom0 to Alpine Linux and what is the state now? That was great idea and I really sad about this that current Qubes OS 4.1 wasn’t base on Alpine. Alpine have longest release cycle and is faster, smaller and more secure than Fedora. In systems like Qubes fast Dom0 is really important.

Yes, I’ve seen it. But nowhere was there a clear opinion on what will be with Dom0. Something will be with changes or not. There were a lot of entries about everything and about nothing, but no specifics like “We are not changing for the next 5 years” or “We are just working on a change”.

no specifics

My impression from this and other threads is:

  1. the core team works on moving more and more hardware handling into dedicated qubes (increased security through compartmentalization): sys-net, sys-usb, sys-audio, sys-gui, …?

  2. the distribution used in system qubes is up to the user (to a certain degree, based on what is officially supported and what the skill level of the user is to go beyond that).

  3. eventually dom0 will have little left to do, at which point dom0 might migrate to a minimal build potentially maintained by the Qubes OS team in it’s entirety

  4. there is no specific time frame, but a clear process / direction

  5. given the above, repeated threads proposing various distributions for dom0 are distractions and bring little value: there won’t be any switch in the short-term and long-term the whole discussion becomes irrelevant.


This was my impression as well, at least there would be a sys-gui before changing dom0 OS. Since sys-gui is still experimental even in the final R4.1 release, it might still take quite a while for it to become stable/default. And even then maybe they want dedicated audio and disk qubes first before switching.

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Thanks for clarification :smiley:

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