Almost entire balance (2675 XMR) of Community Crowdfunding System (CCS) Monero wallet has been stolen

See the incident issue in detail at:


  • April 12, 2020: New CCS wallet is created by fluffypony (on a dedicated wallet laptop, a Purism Librem 14, running Qubes) and the seed shared with Luigi, half via the Wire app, and half via GPG-encrypted email – fluffypony and Luigi are the only parties with known access to the CCS seed.

  • How did the breach occur?

I see now.

At first I thought, “with only 2 known keyholders and likely 1 single person with physical access to the Qubes laptop, and where the whole key and wallet were probably stored in a standalone offline vault-vm, what the fuck happened?”

Until I read that they held the hot wallet on Windows 10.

Unbelievable. Opsec? What’s Opsec?


not helping....

i wish there was some kind of regulatory system that evolved through legislation over the decades… where people are insured… what could such a system might be… oh yeah, banking with real money… i almost forgot with all the crypto-bros. i have no compassion for incidents like this.

(just waiting for “ai” on the blockchain…)

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