Allowing an outgoing connection from Dom0

Hi folks,

Trying to get a tunnel or connection into a VM from Dom0.

I know you can do a connection from a Qube into Dom0, but I want to be able to get a connction out to one of the guests.

What is the best way to achieve this please?

So I have to get the guest to establish the connection to Dom0 and set up a tunnel? Or is there a way that is already set up in Qubes to allow this?

Hope you can help.


What exactly do you want to do with this connection?
Maybe qvm-run will be enough?

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No, needs to give Dom0 a connection on a port to the guest itself. Just a pipe between the two essentially.

I am currently trying to get the Dom0 Remote Session working to trial that to see if that methodology will function the way I’m hoping.

But that isn’t seeming to work either… Can’t get it to work properly at least…

And yes, it would be easier if I could connect Dom0 to a networking VM. Then I could at least have it working easily along with as much protection as I want. So it would only be 1 port open for 1 IP address…

I don’t see much of an issue there.

You can connect to your qube with qvm-run, e.g.:
In your testqube run:

nc -l 12345

In dom0 run:

socat TCP-LISTEN:54321 EXEC:"qvm-run --pass-io testqube 'socat STDIO TCP:localhost:12345'"

In dom0 run:

nc localhost 54321

And you can see that the connection works.

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SOCAT says "exactly 2 addresses required (there are 3) "

Did you copy/type the command correctly? Double check it.
It works for me in Qubes OS 4.2.

I even created a new guest called “testqube” for it… so yes.

I’m running 4.1.1 (R4.1)

What’s your socat version in dom0?
socat -V

I still think that you have typo somewhere in the command. Maybe you have a space somewhere or missing quotes?

I have socat version so it shouldn’t differ.

I have tried it EXACTLY the same and with the quotation marks and talks marks the opposite way around.

socat TCP-LISTEN:54321 EXEC:"qvm-run --pass-io testqube ‘socat STDIO TCP:localhost:12345’ "


socat TCP-LISTEN:54321 EXEC:'qvm-run --pass-io testqube “socat STDIO TCP:localhost:12345” ’

I ran a full update, and it still on Qubes 4.1

What if you try to run this command in dom0?

socat TCP-LISTEN:54321 EXEC:"nc -l 12345"

works fine

I can’t upgrade to Qubes 4.2, it won’t install.

Installer says “Error setting up base repository” …

What would be the easist way to just set up a network pipe or attach Dom0 to a virtual network?