All Around Qubes (Trust Level)

How to attain higher trust level to access these forum topics?

The trust level are adjusted when accounts contribute positively to the conversation over time.

Taking the time to learn to use the categories you have access to is a good investment. Example: this question belongs to the Forum feedback category (not the General Discussion category) because it is about the forum and not about Qubes OS.

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Could you be less difficult with me Sir? I am in a country where my life is at risk. You are making my life in danger by blocking access to important documentation. QubesOS is open source FOSS project , but it is a very complex project.

I don’t know how to get trust level 2 and I need to ask questions sometimes that are outside of scope but still connect to QubesOS

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The forum rules exist to ensure that the forum remains an effective tools for people to find and receive answers to the questions they have about Qubes OS.

The trust levels exist to encourage behaviors that contribute to that goal. The moderation team exists to guide people towards those behaviors and enforce the rules when needed.

I answered your question and provided a concrete example of the kind of behavior that contributes positively to the forum, so that you can hopefully participate in ways that will allow you to reach the member level quicker and access the All around qubes category.

Now, talking of facts:

  • You haven’t been “blocked” from accessing any documentation, especially not by me.

And talking fo rules:

  • Personal attacks are one of the behaviors that do trigger enforcement of the rules. (See Community Guidelines if you’re unsure about what the forum rules are.)

I ask you to refrain from inflamatory, unfounded and personal accusations in the future.

This is an official warning.


How to access without this “trust level”? This documentation is blocked without the trust level no?

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All Around Qubes doesn’t contain information about Qubes itself so rest easy on that score.


Yes but it is still good and needed documentation, the topics are interesting and useful.

It is important that it be accessible, especially for QubesOS users in difficult countries.

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There is nothing special to expect from the “All Around Qubes” category. If you’re looking for documentation about security, privacy or else, you will find more detailed threads, websites, articles, books, etc. anywhere on the web.


No. That part isn’t documentation. Before that category ever exists, moderators simply leave a cautionary comment under topics that are unrelated to Qubes OS, and sometimes lock the threads. I believe that category came into existence to reduce the workloads of moderators and make moderation acts look less stern, not to encourage such unrelated discussion.


I think the source of the problem is that Heads/Coreboot doesn’t have a fancy forum like QubesOS does, so its just easier to ask questions on this forum instead of on github. Its just more comfortable.

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