All applications and VMs disappeared

Hi All,

After reinstalling Fedora 32 and rebooting the only things I see is the Qubes icons (start, sound, network, disk, etc) in the upper part of the screen.

My Windows VM displays on Qube Manager as running but not visible on display. The same with my Personal VM which is based on a clone of Fedora 32 made before I reinstalled the Fedora 32 template.

So, in summary, my Qubes is not usable at all.

Any ideas before I have to reinstall OS?

Thanks in advance

Not sure how reinstalling a template can affect qubes based on a
different template, unless there is serious corruption.
You could try qvm-start-gui <WindowsVM>

You can access console using sudo xl console <qube> from dom0, and
check that the personalVM is running properly.
Or try qvm-run <qube> xterm .

Also try switching templates for PersonalVM.

The fact that sys-net is running with gui (evidenced by network icon)
should give you some hope.

Hi unman,

Thank you but did not work. For I’ll go ahead and install Fedora workstation. When 4.1 is out I’ll give it try.


I suggested 4 distinct things - did you try them all and none of them
worked? And there were no error messages?
The fact that you have the network icon indicates that at least sys-net
is running - if you open Qube Manager, you should be able to confirm

Hi unman,

Regarding your suggestions:

1./2.qvm-start-gui and xl console resulted in errors.

  1. qvm-run xterm did not return an error but neither did anything, just like when I try to open an application within my Personal VM (Chrome or Thunderbird for instance).

Actually, in my first post I wrote I saw “network icon” as well as other stuff (the Qubes icon, sound, disk) just to indicate the area of the desktop I could actually see. Actually, after your first message, I noted that neither network nor USB icons displayed. Both sys-net and sys-usb were running with the new Fedora 32 Template.

  1. I’ve changed all VMs based on the new Fedora 32 Template to my previously existing Fedora-32-clone (your fourth suggestion) but the issue persisted.

A few days ago I had installed a 5.18 kernel for VMs through Dom0 to try to solve a sound issue with the Personal VM. Maybe this was the culprit (I take full responsibility…). I checked Dom0 and it was still running the old kernel (4.x). It’s just that I had the option to select the 5.18 kernel for VMs.

Anyway, I thank you very much for your attention and help.

I just needed to use this notebook and already installed Fedora 33 workstation for now.

I really enjoyed the two and a half years I used Qubes on my daily work machine and I’m enthusiastic about it. It’s just that I was under pressure to work on this machine and could not wait for a solution.

Best Regards