After using mullvad, all VMs are unable to open web pages

Gladly, I am using mullvad. i am using it as a gateway and another VM can access element but the browser is not able to access any website.After closing mullvad, the browser works fine.

There are guides on this forum describing how to set it up.
Did you follow any of them?
You can try to follow this one or any other you can find on this forum and then report back if it’s not working:

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Change Mullvad to a different entry point. Likely the entry point you are using is really busy.

As a test, type in which is the address of cloudflare dns. Even if a Mullvad node is quite busy this is likely to come back quite quickly.

And this is an illustration of why I hope the installation of Mullvad might include the Mullvad App, as it allows easy, quick change of the Mullvad entry point. Although, I read the App might have a security issue. Mind how you go.


Without using the additional configuration, the mullvad-vpn VM will be able to provide network to other VMs but the dns will be problematic resulting in not being able to open web pages.In 4.1 I followed this tutorial and the dns worked fine after configuration.In 4.2 this script comes up with an error message stating that the QSB rules were applied incorrectly, can anyone help me?Thanks a lot.