After upgrading to last Qubes (4.2.1) release my sys-usb and sys-whonix can't start properly after first start

After system boot they present in Qubes Domains but sys-usb doesn’t ask to plug-in mouse and sys-whonix’s applications don’t run. Sdw icon doesn’t appear too. Have restart them to make them work. journalctl -f doesn’t show anything now (after upgrade) about these qubes until I restart them. And now terminal says that ‘grep’ in journalctl -b grep | is unacceptable argument. Don’t know, maybe I just don’t remember now how this command should look like.

Do you mean you’ve upgraded in-place from Qubes OS 4.1 to Qubes OS 4.2?
Or just updated your existing Qubes OS 4.2 to the latest updates?

Well, according to that topic that contained info about new Qubes release, I probably just updated or something. I used Qubes updater because it notified that there is update for dom0. After that in Qubes Global Config, in “This Device” section is written “Qubes OS Version: R4.2.1”.

Yes, I had 4.2 before. Just have re-read your comment again, and got it.

Did you have this issue only during the first reboot after update and all reboots after this works fine or do you still have this issue happen to you after every reboot?

If you mean system reboot then it happens after every system boots. I have to restart sys-usb and sys-whonix from one to several times to make them work as they should. At this moment sys-usb always works after one restart, and sys-whonix starts working after one or several restarts.

You can disable qubes autostart, boot into dom0, run this command in dom0 terminal:

journalctl -f

Then run sys-usb. If it fails to start then check the output of journalctl -f command.
And you can also check the sys-usb and sys-usb-dm logs to see why did it fail.

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