After updating debian all flatpak software can't be opened!

After updating the debian-12-xfce template, all flatpak packages cannot be opened, and attempts to update flatpak and uninstall and reinstall are ineffective. Error: bwrap: Can’t mount proc on /newroot/proc: Operation not permitted
error: ldconfig failed, exit status 256
zsh: exit 1 flatpak run org.telegram.desktop.

not sure it helps you, but this looks like a bug in the binary realpath :thinking:

Did you install the flatpak as user or in the template?

Is the binary realpath available on your system? (it should)

I installed flatpak in the template to normal permissions. Do I have to install it in appvm as well?

No, it was just a wild guess.

Can you try flatpak repair?

Tried it and still can’t open all the software.

could you try to run a flatpak program from a bash shell? Just to be sure it’s not zsh doing something weird in the process.

With bash it works fine, with zsh it doesn’t. I can’t open the software by double clicking on the icon, but I can open the software via the bash command line, do you have any idea how to make zsh work?

are you using a clean zsh profile or did you make a lot of change? Would it work with an “fresh” zsh environment?

I reinstalled zsh but still can’t open the flatpak software.

This must be a bug either in zsh or flatpak side, you should report this upstream now as we figured the potential root cause.

And by a clean zsh profile, I meant with no custom zshrc or zprofile file (in case you had any).