After update, KeePassXC no longer finds USB with keyfile when attached

USB can attach to Vault with KeePassXC app but app no longer finds USB for keyfile credential.

You mean you can see your 16 GB USB in file manager but can’t find it in keepass Select key file dialog?
Check the /media/user path in Select key file dialog, your USB should be mounted there.

Yes. Nothing shows up on the media path but the usb with the keyfile is attached to vault with KeePassXC app. This was not a problem before. USB would show up in the dialogue and the keyfile could be selected.

Someone just ejects my USB at a whim on GOS now too.

Something going on with absolute control over I/O.

What part of CPU controls interrupts and peripherals?

How am I stupid because someone is attacking the peripheral? You are only intelligent if no one attacks your CPU? Seems like they could attack your dungeon onionsite if you were a filthy rich genius too…

I don’t really think so. If you can see your USB device ( and it’s content ) in dolphin file manager and keepassxc cannot see the usb device, probably it’s just some inconsistency. If you can manually assign a path that the usb device should be attached to ( using sudo mount /some/path instead of relying on the sidebar ) then it’s likely that you can find your keyfile at your assigned path.

Manually assign a path to a GUI? Is there a CLI KeePassXC? Might as well use pass command line. Is that what this is about?

I mean, your problem seems to be that dolphin can see your “16GB volume” USB drive whereas keepassxc cannot. So why not mount the block device to a path that keepassxc can definitely see ( like /media ), following the instructions here ? You can go ahead and keep using keepassxc GUI, just mount the usb through the cli.

I will give that a try. Thanks for the instructions. Just used to be more convenient to plug in the USB as a dongle key.

I want to use the security key options for KeePassXC but I have a Yubikey C Bio and a NitroKey 3 which do not have the OTP or HMAC options required but USB with keyfile acts the same way.

Nope. That doesn’t work. /mnt/removable in KeePass “Enter Additional Credentials” shows nothing after sudo mount /dev/sda mnt but dolphin still does.

Never mind
… Shows up in /home/user/mnt