After shutdown laptop staying warm

Hi, I have a Lenovo laptop Gen 4 X1 Carbon running the latest Qubes 4.1

When I shut down the laptop, it appears to be shut down, all lights are off. Then I noticed it stays slightly warm, with a very subtle high pitched sound if you put your ear to the bottom of it.

When it is shut down like this, I cannot turn the laptop back on using the power button. If I hold the power button for a long time the high pitch sound stops and then I would say it if fully shut down.

Once this happens, 1 press of the power button and the laptop boots normally

Very strange, and something that I have never seen before. Any ideas?

Exactly how do you power down the computer?
Do you use the screen shutdown?
and choose shutdown? Not Sleep or hibernate?, or log out?

Or do you quick press the power button to do a shutdown? Which puts it into computer into sleep or hibernation mode.

Windows 10 once did this thing. where when when after it was supposedly powered down, it would keep the drive active, to facilitate a fast start. The code to fix that once maybe being in one of several different places inside the Windows 10 OS itself. Perhaps in Windows 10 area of Power Controls.

Might be Qubes does not send the correct code for a full power down, for that model computer. I can’t help you with that.

Best of luck

Thanks for the reply

I shut down by clicking my user name, and the drop down menu with “shut down”

Even though it seems fully shut down, unless i hold the power button for like 5+ seconds, i eventually hear that very slight high pitched sound stop.

I am new to Qubes and loving it, although taking some time to adjust, it is so good how to can compartmentalize so many things. I eventually want to buy a Librem 14 with Qubes. But i am using this old Lenovo to practice on first.

It is probably not that big a deal doing a hard shut down after this mini shutdown, but it is certainly strange, since the X1 Carbon gen 4 is pretty old now

It was originally a Windows laptop though bought from Lenovo, if it might has some windows crap in bios that could be causing it?

I have boot mode legacy or eufi?

It is currently eufi only if that could have anything to do with it

far out would you believe i fixed it. I changed uefi/legacy to “both”

and then disables some intel security chip stuff

and wallah, fixed. Not sure exactly what bios change it was but what a relief

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