After Restarting Qubes it Only Shows a Grub Prompt

I’m running Qubes 4.1

While updating, my PC froze, so I hard rebooted the PC. Re-Boot now stays at a grub prompt (grub> )

Exiting from grub prompt displays “No bootable devices found”.

Boot is UEFI with secure boot disabled.

My boot option points to \EFI\qubes\grubx64.efi

Booting from a Qubes 4.1 usb pen drive and selecting the Recovery option, I have the options:

  1. Continue
  2. Read-Only
  3. Skip to Shell
  4. Quit

Option 1 (after decrypting the drive) returns the message “You don’t have any Linux Partitions”, and “Press Enter to get a shell”. .

Option 2 result is the same.

Option 3 does not decrypt the drive

No option has data under /mnt/sysroot, but I can mount /dev/sd1 & /dev/sda2 under /tmp/mnt/sda1 & /tmp/mnt/sda2 for example.

cat /tmp/mnt/sda1/EFI/qubes/grub.cfg gives an Input/output error, but I can cat /tmp/mnt/sda2/xen-4.14.5.config.

When I boot with a Ubuntu USB pen drive, I can mount and see all my partitions & Qubes LVM data.

I’m thinking either the update failed, or perhaps I was impatient and interrupted it.

Are there steps I can use manually build a new UEFI Grub environment?

Does the shell (after “Option 1”) have commands like:

lvm lvscan

If so, does it look like this case:


The /sbin/lvm command is present but has no output.

Perhaps I need to have a chroot environment in place 1st, and option 1 did not set one up under /mnt/sysroot


lvm lvscan

produce any output?

… and do you get anything with:

ls /dev/mapper/


No output from lvm lvscan. ls /dev/mapper has a few things (I think) related to the usb pen drive but nothing related to lvm.

ls /dev/mapper
control live-base live-rw ventoy

Does lvm have a

lvm vgdisplay

If so, what do you get from that? - and does it have

lvm vgscan


lvm vgdisplay has no output. lvm pvscan says “no matching physical volumes found”

Can you try the steps from here:


And try:

… so vgscan

I have exactly the same issue and results as yerill, caused by power loss during a dom0 update.
Did you manage to recover your grub boot process @yerill?
Could anyone else offer any assistance? I’ve no idea what to try next.

(renamed topic to be a bit more explicit over topic being discussed)