Advantages Whonix vs Tails on Qubes?

What are the advantages of using the Whonix workstation and/or gateway within a disposable rather than hosting a disposable VM of Tails OS?

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    I am NOT asking about the advantages of Tails within this context, I am explicitly requesting what are the advantages of hosting Whonix on Qubes rather than Tails to know if Tails is lacking in features that Whonix may have as enabled defaults — or are these two TOR options similar in anonymity and/or security as a VM running on Qubes? Like is the only literal difference is that Tails forgoes the ability to remain fully amnesiac while hosted within a hypervisor such as Qubes because if that’s the only thing then it seems like there should be no difference Network connection wise in choosing Tails over Whonix? Please inform is my request here.

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If you’re asking this you’ve probably already seen both Qubes and Tails users advise against this so I’ll save the sermon (been there!).

The details of each respective Tor implementation are probably negligible when weighed against the security risks of entrusting your security to two distro maintainer teams when you could easily get away with just one. Any compromise in integrity of either the Qubes team or the Tails team would nuke your privacy and security.

The alpha chad way of combining Qubes with Tails involves two computers, one with each, for example with Qubes handling the bulk of the network routing using chained netvm’s and Tails handling the spearhead Tor connection as well as your private activities. Bonus points if they’re directly connected with crossover ethernet. This way you get the best of both worlds with even better security instead of less.

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Okay that sounds epic, is there a resource link to such a set-up?

Point taken …

The same as using Whonix vs Tails in general. Whonix (and Qubes-Whonix) has a far stronger security model, and history has proven time and time again that the one Tails is using is fallible. None of the vulnerabilities which have historically been used against Tails users would have been effective on Whonix.

Keep in mind that neither Tails or Qubes-Whonix disposables are anti-forensic.

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Well okay this answers my question thanks