Administering network connections in a disposable netVM template

I have a disposable netVM running from a template, default-dvm-wifi that stores my home wifi password ( the template is just cloned from the system’s default VM fedora 39 but with a wifi connection set).

I’ve had to change my wifi password. I’d like to change the password in default-dvm-wifi, however every time I try to use nmcli, I get

Warning: nmcli (1.44.2) and NetworkManager (Unknown) versions don't match. Restarting NetworkManager is advised.
Error: NetworkManager is not running.


$ sudo systemctl start NetworkManager

appears to do nothing. I can’t get off first base.

Since I have a regularly updated system, and I trust the Qubes team to be on top of things, I’m not going to worry about the version mismatch except that I have to get past this.

What is the right way to go about this, if nmcli is not the tool?

Not sure about the errors, but you can connect to you WiFi AP in disposable qube and then copy the resulting Network Manager config from disposable qube to disposable template.
The connection config is stored in /rw/config/NM-system-connections/.

Actually, just knowing its in /rw/config/NM-system-connections/ (and $ sudo nano...) was all I needed.

That isn’t in the docs. EDIT: actually, its my fault. I should have thought to look in /rw/config/ by now.