Adding modules to kernels questions

I have figured out how to use the qubes vm kernel for any vm

Three questions below

I know what kernels do, but I don’t know if this setting change should applied this setting to everything

For example (anon-whonix,whonix ws and gw, sys-net,sys-whonix) (note: will only be using whonix for everything else beside setting changes and whatnot)

Should this kernel change be applied to everything I might use, or just some particular stuff.

Also if I want to add kernel modules/ code changes like tirdad and etc if I am changing All vm’s to use the qubes vm kernel should all these modules or code changes be installed to every vm I make do this, or is there an way to make these modules/ code changes used across all of qubes through one install.

Another minor question aswell: does installing repos/ packages or enabling them in qubes require networking? Because I have tried to install things like lkrg, anti maid in qubes, also including tirdad along with many other things but to no success, could me not having networking be the issue. Let me know on this, I’m very new to all this so I’m still learning a lot.

(Reason I haven’t networked anything yet is because I want my os and whinox vm’sto be more harden from the internet, and I also don’t want the WiFi I’m using router owners plus isp to not be able to effectively) track me)

Big noob here!! Any help would be appreciated Ty

just some vm, back then when in qubes 4.0 i only use some kernel option for my sys-net to get my wifi work.

just install in template only, if the packages have different profile, then configure in the appvm.

except dom0 and templates, any vm should have a networking worked.