Adding Debian backports to Debian-10 / Debian-10-minimal templates


As @unman mentioned in the Debian-10-minimal Configuration thread, more up to date packages can be installed to the Debian templates if Debian backports source is added to the /etc/apt/sources.list file. My question is: is it ok to add any lines with http to my source.list? Or if i’d like to make it work with https my only option is an update-VM with apt-cacher-ng installed? When i used a debian based linux, i always tried to find mirrors for the sources.list with https option, and installing the apt-transport-https package, but i’m not sure how does it work in the Qubes OS.

Thanks any help!

@onequbeuser backports works with https… buster-backports main

or with apt-cacher-ng …

http://HTTPS/// buster-backports main

Then when you want to install something you have to tell apt to use the
backports repo:


sudo apt -t buster-backports install keepassxc

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Do i need to install apt-transport-https, or i’m good without it?

You are good without it.

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Everything works perfectly!

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