Adding Copy/Paste from Disp Browser to Standalone Hannah Montana VM with Own GUI

I want to add copy and paste to Standalone VMs that have their own GUI. For instance, if I create a VM of Hanna Montana Linux, I want to be able to cut and paste from a browser outside the Hannah Montana VM and into that VM.

I know there are a set of tools for virt-manager, which isn’t the same thing. I was wondering if I could install drivers like these, like virtio, or do something to gain this ability. I am not sure if there are Xen drivers for linux I could install within the VM.

I could experiment on my own, but if anyone with more experience knows an obvious solution (other than don’t use Hannah Montana Linux) or has suggestions on how to approach this problem it would be good.

I know this sounds stupid but I’d like to be able to move stuff in and out of iso VMs that are linux based and are not based on a template. I can’t do this now except in Windows.