Adding apps to templates/qubes - noob Q

The personal qube is taken from the fedora-39-xfce template, I’m mostly sure. So if I wanted to add apps to my personal qube, I can highlight personal qube > Settings > Apps > and add e.g. mousepad.

But it’s my understanding that apps should be added to templates, e.g. LibreOffice, so that if a qube is messed up, I can just delete it and create a new qube from its parent template. So in my example with mousepad (or LibreOffice or whatever), if mousepad in personal became corrupt, the corruption may have affected the “gold standard” app mousepad, because I was running the “gold standard” mousepad app from my personal qube, I was not running a copy of a template with mousepad in it.

So I should create a template (from fedora-39-xfce template) and name it mepersonal, then add mousepad (or LibreOffice etc.) to my new mepersonal template, and then clone mepersonal template into a mepersonal qube. Then all my favorites can run starting from a mepersonal qube. Then if mousepad or LibreOffice is corrupted, I can just delete the mepersonal qube and clone a new one from the original, mepersonal, template.

Is this thinking best practice here, or did I just od on an over-thinking-it pill? Thank you in advance!

It’s described in docs:

This doesn’t work like this. An AppVM inherits fresh data from template at every boot of that AppVM, resetting everything except the personal files stored in the AppVM home directory (more precisely, everything under /rw/)

Thank you!