Add app list for running VMs in the top right corner "Qubes Domains" list

Hi everyone
I believe I am not the only user who have trouble taking screenshot or opening File manager in the disposable VM. Every time I execute “screenshot” or “files”, a new disposable VM starts instead of execute in the already running disposable VM.
Does anyone have any solutions on it? Maybe a new feature should be added.

No you’re not. It would be actually suspicious or weird if anyone could do that with dispxxx VMs.

… which is actually good, since it works as intended.

You have at least two solutions, though

  1. In Qube Manager right click dispVM and choose “Run command in qube”
  2. Use new application menu as qubes-app-menu --restart after dispVM was started, so you will get related dispVM entry there and can choose apps just like in any other qube (asking about this menu is best to search forum or to create separate topic).

Thank you for your comment!
I could still do everything with CLI or run or install any software I want. It does not make sense to increase security by hiding GUI application startup.

Oh, sorry, I thought you couldn’t do what you asked in the OP.

For others reading this, cli based option are:

qvm-run -q dispxxx yyyy*

* app name

and the more recommended

qvm-run -q -a --service – dispxxx qubes.StartApp+yyyy*

* app name as seen in correspondent desktop file

That is the reason why whenever I use dispvm, I usually choose to open a terminal app. A terminal app can run anything and be duplicated easily by right click menu “Open Terminal” so that the dispvm is not closed later.

You can execute any app at any time in a dispvm when you open Qube Manager, right click your running dispvm instance, and “Run command in Qube”. No crazy CLI hacks are needed.

Taking a screenshot is a different problem. Generally you cannot take screenshot of :0 (/tmp/.X11-unix/X0) inside usual appVM (result will be black), as far as I know. Take screenshot in dom0 and copy to appVM please.

May I ask what the command is for screenshot in Whonix Workstation?