ACER Swift 5 / No Legacy Mode


I bought the Acer Swift 5 SF-514-55T and tried to enable legacy mode to install Quebes OS, but now realise that it cant be enabled, is it possible to install Quebes with UEFI enabled instead? I checked the BIOS before I bought it and thought the option for legacy mode was there but later realise it is greyed out and ACER are actually phasing legacy out. I really hope I can use this laptop with quebes


Did you disabled secure boot?

Anyway, you can still install in UEFI mode (not experienced). If you run into trouble, see here:


Thanks qubicrm,

Yep I disabled secure boot but installer didnt work, it ran some codes then rebooted, however there’s a few other problems with this laptop so I’m going to try get a refund