Acer Aspire F5 573-55LV


Here’s a laptop system that may bear uncanny but unremarkable resemblance to other systems used by other people previously but testing with 4.1 till it went live recently.

This laptop came with Qualcomm WiFi, that after some years of use wasn’t cooperating with the kernel in vogue so I’d switched it out & won’t switch it back even if the kernel & it will play nice now. Remarkable issue for this laptop which is not Qubes specific - some sort of interlock/kill switch design that affects unit in painful fashion when you don’t know about it. Apparently the upgrade compartment is right over the switch & if the user is in & out of there it can get enough use over time to make the switch be affected by the plastic stem off of the panel wearing more (that would be only provable with a brand new unit & some testing)? The fact that it has a interlock was not easily determined - that it would full-stop shut off on me with no predictability other than while it was on battery (never while I had the adapter plugged in, seems like the case flexs just enough when you lift it by one edge/side as many people do while working without a cord on it to move around would lead to the situation) made determining if Qubes had any part to play in this pretty nerve-wracking. I was using this for work mostly, on the road often.


Qubes-HCL-Acer-Aspire_F5_573-20220220-191332.yml (967 Bytes)


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Thank you @kysstfafm for your HCL report, which is online now.