"Accidentally" deleted /var/log

Hi guys, long time lurker but first post here.

So, it wasn’t really an accident, but I thought nothing bad could happen if I deleted the contents of said directory. i mean, they’re logs, what could go wrong? Well, actually… A lot. Now I can access only dom0, but every single vm refuse to start (”cannot execute qubesdb-daemon").

So, while I definitely learned a lesson here, is there any way to fix the problem without reinstalling the whole o.s.? My google-fu did not help much so far.

Anyway, thanks for the amazing work you’ve done on this project and as a community, I learned a lot on this forum (well, wish I learned earlier that deleting /var/log is a no-no, but that’s definitely on me, lol)

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This should work on R4.0:

sudo -s
install -d /var/log/salt
cd /var/log
install -m 2755 -g systemd-journal -d journal
install -m 700 -d libvirt libvirt/libxl
install -o lightdm -g lightdm -d lightdm
install -m 2770 -g qubes -d qubes
install -m 770 -g qubes -d xen 
install -m 2750 -g qubes -d xen/console

Thanks for the answer, forgot to mention I’m on 4.1 though

Edit: doesn’t seem to work on 4.1

Related topic: Unable to start qube VMs if /var/log is empty · Issue #6090 · QubesOS/qubes-issues · GitHub


Thanks, @fepitre, the workaround in the link did the trick.