Accessing dom0 to start cups

Hi all,

Just did fresh install of 4.2, trying to figure out how to access the dom0 terminal to start the cups service in one of the apps. It is grayed out in the qubes manager

Thank you

The way I find the dom0 terminal on Qubes 4.2, is by accessing the Qubes menu (top left corner), click the magnifying glass and enter terminal … that should give you a list of places Qubes can open a terminal (fedora-38-xfce, sys-net, …) including dom0. :slight_smile:

That said … are you sure you want to start cups in dom0??

Hi Thank you for replying, this helped.

As for printing from dom0, I am just starting the service within dom0 to one specific app. Not actually printing from within dom0

Regards and thank you again