Access Web Bookmarks, Fast, With Low-Friction?

I’m looking for a solution to replace Ulauncher’s bookmarks plugin.

…Something that will index the bookmarks of an appVM default browser bookmarks, and offer a quick search pop up of some kind (like Krunner).

Has anyone found a solution that works with Qubes?

I’m using KDE. Krunner would be awesome… if I could bridge it to an appVm… or maybe get it to run inside of an appVm?

If that doesn’t work, does anyone have a script that does something similar?

I remember seeing something that might or might not solve your issue, but I haven’t tried it myself:

…But what I’m going for is just a fast workflow. Able to fire a hotkey, pull up a search pop, key in a search term, find matching bookmarks, select bookmakr, automatically load appVM, and go to URL