Access point / hotspot standalone - any functional example?

I wish to setup a hotspot qube, that is able to share the internet access from sys-firewall as a wifi hotspot / access point.

I followed @unman advice in Torified Wireless or usb tether to mobile device,:
Created a Fedora36 standalone hotspot with access to sys-firewall, then attached the wifi card (which is in consequence detached from all other running qubes, especially sys-net) while switching to HVM mode and giving it 1500 mb initial memory (memory balancing disabled).

In dom0 terminal I enabled the NetworkManager

qvm-service hotspot network-manager on

to follow this guide to set up the access point with nmcli:
The resulting hotspot is visible to my Android11 phone (no other test device at hand currently), and I can try to connect with it by entering the password. However, the phone never manages to connect properly. The wifi is only shown as ‘saved’.

This seems to be a known issue, though with various solutions. Two tweaks brought me half a step further:

  1. setting up the access point without password
  2. changing PMF

both helped insofar that the phone showed now ‘retrieving IP adress’ - but could still not build up the connection. Reading about the issue sees the reason from kernel to driver to hardware, so I don’t know how to get further there.

I also tried some other options, such as this guide on both Fedora36 and Debian11, but failed sooner or later.

Now, do you happen to have a Qubes-approved running setup that you could share with me? I am also happy about any information that could finish my exisitng trials - if you need more info let me know.

Looking forward and best regards.