Abuse of power

Let’s not forget why Qubes exists. The way we live online is being collated and used against us, usually under the guise of this will make life more convenient. When we are on this forum or on the net we should be safe in knowing who we might be, what we may or may not have done doesn’t matter. If someone approaches you saying this person has done x or y in this forum who are they really, are they right does it even matter!? We are all hear to learn. I’m not trying to hide anything I just don’t believe this space and the people using it should be policed by anyone no matter who they claim to be!

You should try to be more coherent. I am not getting the gist of what you are trying to say.

I have a distinct impression this is a sock puppet for a certain other individual.

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How does this make sense?

If a someone creates the alias i2p it creates the impression that they are speaking for the I2P project. Anyone is perfectly free to use i2pfan, i2puser, i2p_is_awsome etc.

If someone shows up here claiming to be the maintainer of heads they better be able to prove it (which is usually trivial by looking at the email address).

No one is forced to identify who they are and anonymous posting is encouraged, but if one claims to be a certain person or to represent a certain entity proof of that claim will be expected when it comes to the user name.


Sir, this is a forum for a small open-source software project. It is not the public square or a “free speech, zero censorship zone.” It is a small web forum for Qubes users and developers with a few volunteer moderators.