About "Pусский язык" (Russian) category

Обсуждение Qubes OS на русском языке.

Можно создать тему отправив email на

russian [собака] forum.qubes-os.org

@grey_olli can you please check if the category’s title is correct and translate the following to Russian: ?

“Discussions about Qubes os in the Russian Language.”
Дискуссии о Qubes OS на русском языке - this is “as is, word to word” translation, I’d better say
“Обсуждение Qubes OS на русском языке” - sounds a bit better.

Also “Everything about Qubes OS in Russian” would sound as “Всё о Qubes OS на русском” ,
and even shorter “About Qubes OS in Russian” - “О Qubes OS на русском”. In Russian grammar we do not capitalize language names - Russian is russian and English is english when writing in Russian. :slight_smile:

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Category topic seems to be correct. It looks not perfect with ‘the’ article in 'about the … (Russian), but that is just English language rules… It should look like ‘About “на русском языке” (Russian) category’, but then it would not fit in nominative case for ‘Русский (Russian)’ one level upper. So let’s keep as is.

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Perfect. Thanks for the feedback!


Sorry, didn’t get that all should be translated. So:

Можно создать тему отправив email на russian @ forum.qubes-os.org

Translation not as-is, but It would be better, I think.

As is translation is “Создайте тему по email отправив его на russian @ forum.qubes-os.org”.
If you insist on antispam ‘at’ - the well known alias for @ in Russia is “dog” - “собака” .

Like this?:

Yep, think they will guess easily that’s about ‘@’.

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