A strength of current app menu vs experimental app menu

There is one thing I think our existing (old) Qubes app menu gets absolutely correct that I did not notice until I used the new, experimental app menu:

When you select a VM from the existing Qubes app menu, the list of apps is always in the same position relative to the mouse cursor. This is very ergonomic. Your first selected application is always just to the left or right of the VM that you have already selected. Whatever VM you select, the distance and muscle movement is the same to select the first app.

Now the new app menu is very nice in a number of ways, I really like the idea of selecting “Favorites” for example, and the idea of hiding /separating template and service VMs as secondary.

But the app list in the new menu is in a fixed position on the screen rather than a position relative the mouse cursor. This means the muscle movements are very different depending if you want to select the first app for a VM at the bottom of the menu vs the first app or a VM at the top of the menu. For a VM at the top of the menu things are quite easy; you select the VM, move the cursor to the right and are then almost immediately selecting the first app. But if you need to open an app from a VM at the bottom of the menu, you must go to the VM, select, move carefully to the right, move carefully up to get to the first app, then you can click.

Very quickly on a subsconcious level your brain understands that this is slower. I have both menus going at once but because of this navigation speed issue I keep using the old app menu.

I have shared this and other feedback in the survey tool but thought I would also post it here in case others have thoughts.

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