A cause of concern for everyone

“Federal investigators ordered Google to turn over personal information on viewers of specific YouTube videos, according to court documents obtained by Forbes”.

“The orders, require Google to turn over names, addresses, telephone numbers and user activity for account holders — and IP addresses, numeric identifiers of internet location, of non-account holders — who watched certain videos”.

News flash: Google started out as a DARPA grant project :skull:

We all take orders from our bosses every day (unless you’re one of the lucky ones). This is only news to those who thought any of the big tech names have any real autonomy when in reality they collectively form the global intelligence wing of the maleficent 14-eyed empire… some by choice, and some by force.

Anybody who is worried about being “unmasked” should learn to craft their own masks. The 21st century internet is a bring-your-own-mask internet.

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