A bug (most likely related to presence of bookmarks) in anon-whonix Tor Browser updating proccess

Actually I’m not sure that it is really bug, but probably. Yesterday update has come for Tor Browser through packages (that one that is being performed in terminal or in Qubes updater). I updated it using Qubes updater. Tor Browser of Whonix disposable vm became updated but Tor Browser from anon-whonix shows strange signs. On the one hand started Tor Browser shows no notifications about new update available, on the other hand if to check its version via “About Tor Browser” it shows download button for downloading new version and shows that Browser still remains on old version. I restarted anon-whonix, so this is not the reason.
I suspect it is somehow related to presence of bookmarks and custom settings. Tor Browser of disp. qube has no such things and updated successfully.
How can it be fixed? Actually manual suggests to update Tor Browser using Tor Browser Downloader in Template. But there are two things that I am not sure about:

  1. Tor Browser is already updated in Template so will it help? My guess is to remove all bookmarks and try re-download TB using in Template its Downloader. Then return bookmarks again, using backup.
  2. I want to make sure I understand this process correctly: people here say to use only Qubes updater for updates. In the same time in documents it also suggests to use TB downloader in Template to update Tor Browser. But is it as secure way to update as using Qubes updater? Templates have no internet access, so does TB downloader use the same secure method of downloading updates through internet like Qubes updater does? Don’t want any harm to the Template. Some people also sometimes suggest to use update-torbrowser command in Template terminal. Is it the same as to use TB downloader (in security sense)?

If your hypothesis is correct, you’ll likely find more answers in the Whonix forum, because it seems specific to how the Whonix qubes are set up. :slightly_smiling_face:

Re-read the article on Whonix forum, about Tor Browser updating in existent App qube and it turned out that it’s enough just to use internal updater of Tor Browser to update it and this update will survive app qube restart. In this case update in template needed only for disposable templates and disposables.

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