4.2 RC1 Install issue

I have done two installs now with 4.2 RC1 and both times everything went fine until the very end when I tell it to reboot. It hangs. I did like an ctrl alt F3 and see the dmesgs and then press alt control delete but still hangs after putting up like 3 or 4 messages. If I hit it like 5 times rapidly kernel panics and then I reboot manually. Didn’t impact the install and everything comes up fine after but curious if anyone else has seen that? Shutdown isn’t a problem with my Dell Inspiron 3910 desktop but even on 4.1.2 reboot can be problematic as it seems to hang right at the very end and often won’t restart itself. Will debug when get more settled in.

I experienced the same issue with installation not restarting.

I have similar issues with shutdown from the OS, it also hangs and never shuts down the system.

Did you start the install UEFI or Legacy? I have some laptop that does not work correctly in UEFI but works in Legacy mode.

UFEI only. Newer Dells don’t support legacy any more.

As a postscript I moved both my Debian and Fedora templates back onto varlibqubes which is running BTRFS on a NVME drive and now it restarts fine. I think the issue was my spinning rust drive is so slow with templates on it that couldn’t get to final reset step.