4.2 RC1 Erratic intermittent mouse

Hello everyone! I’m doing some testing of 4.2 RC1, fresh vanilla install, and getting some problems with the mouse. The problem intermittant and doesn’t happen all the time. At time however, it moves around on its own (the pointer) and sometimes scrolls!

The mouse is a Logitech G600 and laptop is a Purism Librem 14, for info. Let me know what you think, where to start looking, etc.

Much appreciated!

I had some intermittent mouse movement weirdness where wasn’t tracking well with my Logitech G9 laser mouse when I did the first install with option where have to allow usb mouse each time when log in. On second install though checked the allow the usb mouse so don’t have to mess with that every login and problem seems to have gone away.

Hmm, in my case I did the allow usb mouse which is convenient for this testing of RC1 but unfortunately in my case I still have the issue. BTW, its been more then 24hrs and I haven’t seen the problem. This one is really intermittent!

Another thing I did that might have helped resolve the problem is I increased the minimum memory for sys-usb to 1 gig. Since my mouse has a high poll rate (1000/sec I think) Only 400 meg of memory might be impacting performance. Will have to see if problem comes back or not. Good luck resolving it.

Thanks for sharing that JB! I have made the changes to match and will test this out. Fingers crossed! Have a good one :wink:

Its been six days without issue. I would think that the high poll rate was the issue, and resolution to increase memory of sys-usb. Thanks @JB123 !!

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No problem. I actually ended up going back to raw dogging it without an sys-usb as too easy to effectively lock yourself out of your own box if something goes sideways in that qube plus my threat model is fairly low. If I was often putitng usb devices into my computer (hardly ever do) I probably would have kept the qube as usb is a big threat to dom0.