4.2 audio issue

Hey guy’s,
Have a little issue with “audio”. For some reason once I boot into my Qube my audio doesn’t work. Now if I unplug the 3.5mm speaker jack and plug it back in, BLAMMM I have audio. I have to do this all the time in order to have audio (unplug,plug back in 3.5mm jack). Any ideas?

Also did they change how to get HVM audio? qvm-features <VM_NAME> audio-model ich6

Just checking before I build out, but I did read somewhere they now use “pipe” or something to that effect…
I love this NEW 4.2!!!

Thanks guys

NVM, I was able to address my audio issues and it is working.

How were you able to get it working? i tried the audio-model ich6 for a qube, and i am not able to get audio out of any qube at all…