[4.2.1-rc1] Cannot connect to the Internet

Hello Everyone,
I am in the process of installing Qubes OS. After the installation finished, during the restart using the newly installed hard drive and following screen instructions for setting up, I encountered the following message (I’m using version 4.2.1-rc1, and during the installation, I chose the latest 6.7 kernel):
stderr: "Start failed: Internal error: libxenlight failed to generate new domain ‘sys-firewall’, see "/var/log/libvirt/libxl/libxl/driver.log" for details.
Upon rebooting, I’m unable to connect to the Ethernet network. I examined the /var/log/libvirt/libxl/libxl/driver.log, and it contained something along these lines (content enclosed <> is my annotation):
: libxl: libxl_device.c:1200: device_backend_callback: Domain 5<or 7, 8 and so on>: unable to remove device with path /local/domain/1/backend/vif/5/0.
Does anyone have a solution to this problem? Thank you in advance.

Did your sys-net started successfully?
If yes then do you see your ethernet controller there?

Yes, sys-net successfully started up. Sometimes, after restarting, a pop-up window appeared, but later it closed automatically. Upon further inspection, it was discovered that sys-net had indeed launched successfully. However, a pop-up window in the upper right corner of the desktop indicated that the “network connection was disconnected,” which was, in fact, the case. In the upper right corner, there was an icon that normally should have resembled two red PCs, but on my screen, it displayed an image like a “loading” type of image that continuously “rotated.”

What’s the sys-firewall template?

Can you start sys-firewall manually after it failed?
Will it fail again?

What’s the output of this command in sys-net terminal?

sudo systemctl status xendriverdomain

No, it was automatically shut down: “Qube sys firewall has shutdown”


Qubes Manager → sys-net (the state was “active” )-> Open console in qube → Qube disp784 is starting → Qube disp784 has started → Qube disp784 has shut down
I couldn’t open the sys-net terminal

Can you upload the sys-net.log and sys-net-dm.log? You can get them from Qubes Manager.