4.1r4.1 says 4.1r4.1

i thought upgade make 4.1 and when i see about it es 4.1r4.1

r = release (the rc [release candidate] was never be announced during the rc time)

so do i have rc4

or do i have 4.1 now?>

If you did updates for dom0 recently, then you should be on 4.1 (final).
You can check this by opening Qubes Manager > About/Info register at the top > list where all the programs/versions were shown > check if there appears any “Kernel with a f-25 sub-text” … ???

If you only see F-32 Kernels, then you’re 100000% on 4.1.0 final!


most at f32
qubes-release-noarch is at f27
same for release-notes-noarch, its f27
one is listed as fc32.qubes

did they hacks my qubes?

All fine! You missread the …-noarch lines! It’s there - not f27.

So, congrats – you’re on Qubes OS 4.1 (final)

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i did it

i can finally use lesbiedates and lezkiss websites knowing i have most secure version of qubes

as long as no 0 day exploits i am safe from being crushed by large wall