4.1 upgrade question

In upgrading from 4.0 to 4.1 is their going to be any issues with hvm’s that were built and used in 4.0?

Hmm, probably! I had a few, which -in the end- let’s me backup them onto a USB drive, deleting them and starting the in-place-upgrade again without any issues.
Restored the HVM qubes later again from that USB drive.

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Thanks sir. My thinking is I will backup my hvms’s and do a “clean” install of 4.1 and then reinstall my hvm’s. As for my custome templates,well I believe I will just rebuild those, SUCKS but nothing like fresh builds to play with. As for my hvm’s that would KILL and I would be SAD. Tons of time and work into them and they play so well in 4.0

what about buying another SSD (for the fresh install) and keep the old 4.0 harddrive untouched as long as you moved all hvm’s over?

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Well that’s a good idea, never thought about that.

For others, which need to save their money:

You even can do an image backup of the entire harddisk by booting into another OS (i.e. Tails from USB) and starting the disks app there and doing the image backup of the QubesOS system disk.
All what’s needed is a media, which is =/> as the QubesOS system disk, so the backup finds place…

After the image is stored, you can destroy QubesOS 4.0 and doing a fresh install of QubesOS 4.1

If somethings will fail - back to Tails again, open “disks” and restoring the image backup to the QubesOS system disk again… → back on QubesOS 4.0


Wow, good to know. Thanks!!

The stubdomain used for HVMs were updated between 4.0 and 4.1, so there might be some emulated hardware device reconfiguration.


Would after my fresh install of 4.1 and then a “restore” of my hvm’s do the reconfiguration?

Linux is generally pretty good about starting up with different x86 hardware that it was previously running on. Windows less so. Don’t have experience with the rest.


Good to know!
Thank you

I was successful last week in upgrading by backing up my qubes including a windows10 instance, doing a fresh install of 4.1, in which I changed the defalt from fedora to debian, as it was an option on the install, then restored my qubes back. Just wanted to say it all worked well.

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