4.1-rc3: qube shutdown right after start: event lost, qvm-prefs changes require Qube Manager restart to apply


How to reproduce:
0. Change default timeouts:
in Dom0 terminal:
qubes-prefs default_qrexec_timeout 100
qubes-prefs default_shutdown_timeout 80

Step 0 is optional. I’ve same results after

qubes-prefs -D default_qrexec_timeout
qubes-prefs -D default_shutdown_timeout

  1. Start firefox in ‘personal’ via main menu.
    What you see: the Qube Manager shows qube attempts start. Qube light is yellow. Qube light become green.
  2. Via Qube Manager press Shutdown button when no firefox is running yet.
    What you see: Qube Manager reports personal qube has started. The firefox starts, shutdown didn’t happen. After default 60 seconds Qube Manager asks for killing qube.
    Expected (bug 1): firefox should not start , the shutdown of ‘personal’ should happen before firefox managed to start, or at least, right after start, firefox should be closed by shutdown.
    Expected (bug 2): Qube Manager should ask about killing personal qube with message telling about 80 seconds. It asks about 80 seconds after Qube Manager manually restarted after step 0. I think it should renew qubes-prefs values w/o requirement to restart Qube Manager.

Reproducible: always reproducible.

Should I report these two bugs via github?